EGO vs Kobalt (Which Tool Brand is Better?) (2024)

The worldwide tool industry continues to grow quite rampantly, showing few signs of slowing in its expansion any time soon. Luckily for consumers, this presents a wide array of options to choose from, when selecting which particular tool to purchase. However, there is also a minor down-side to this as well. Many are left with a certain degree of confusion, when attempting to determine how best to spend their money.

For this reason, individuals often compare particular brands to one another, in hopes of proving one to be superior. Nonetheless this is not always an easy proposition itself. This task becomes especially difficult when comparing two of the power tool industry’s newest brands, EGO and Kobalt, both of which are much younger than many of the market’s mainstay brands.

To assist in this matter, we have assembled the following guide, which compares EGO and Kobalt in a side-by-side fashion, based upon a wealth of valuable criteria. We hope that this helps you, the consumer, make a more educated purchasing decision, thereby investing your money wisely.

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EGO and Kobalt have both shown many successes in recent years. Even though Kobalt’s history dates back further than EGO’s, each of these manufacturers have proven they can produce nothing but the most premium of products.

The following is a brief history of both EGO and Kobalt’s rise to prominence within the world of power tools.

About EGO Tools

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EGO is a relative newcomer to the world of portable power tool technology, though the company has more than made up for lost time since its launch.

The brand’s history dates back to 1993, at which time EGO’s parent company, Chervon was founded. Chervon, itself, would go on to serve as a mainstay of the power tool manufacturing scene; a role in which it still fulfills today.

The “EGO” brand grew out of Chervon’s desire to fulfill a perceived need within the power tool market. Leadership within the company felt that consumers would appreciate a battery-powered alternative to traditional gasoline-powered lawn equipment. In a bid to capture a share of this market, Chervon introduced the EGO brand.

EGO Power+ initially debuted in 2012, within the American market. This was followed by the brand’s launch within the European market sector in 2014. To say the least, consumers responded positively to EGO’s new, job-specific product lineup, as year-one sales outpaced initial projections.

Since the company’s inception, EGO’s focus has been on the production of a sustainable line of battery-powered lawn care and outdoor-specific power equipment.

This is a sector of the market in which EGO has routinely thrived, producing a number of award-winning products. EGO has also made a habit out of expanding its product line with regular frequency.

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About Kobalt Tools

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Kobalt is a relative newcomer to the field of tool producers when compared to most other brands. Lowe’s home improvement stores wanted to establish a house brand in 1998 to compete against Home Depot (Husky) and Sears (Craftsman). The result was the Kobalt brand name.

J.H. Williams Manufacturing, which had been in operation for over 100 years, manufactured Kobalt tools for the first few years. The Lowe’s retail chain approached J.H. Williams with an offer to create the house line of tools under a partnership. This collaboration continued until 2002, when J.H .Williams became a member of the Snap-On group.

After the purchase of J.H. Williams by Snap-On, the Danaher Corporation took over tool production for Lowe’s. The company was based in Washington, D.C., and produced tools for other well-known tool companies like Matco. Danaher continued to make tools for Kobalt until 2011.

Several suppliers have taken over manufacturing of Kobalt’s various product lines. J.S. Products has taken over production of almost all Kobalt hand tools except for the brand’s screwdrivers, which are now made by Great Neck.

Kobalt has its own line of battery-operated power tools, which are very popular with the DIY crowd. Chervon Tools is a Chinese company that produces the majority of these products. The brands EGO and SKIL also have their power tools made by Chervon.

Craftsman tools, ironically, have also become a fixture of Lowe’s product lines, directly competing with each other in the same store. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out as both brands target the similar consumer and are in a similar price range.

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Many consumers still place great importance on a given company’s manufacturing practices. For this reason, we have outlined such practices, as they pertain to EGO and Kobalt, allowing consumers to make an even more informed purchasing decision, than would have otherwise been possible.

The following is a brief description of EGO’s and Kobalt’s current manufacturing practices.

Where Are EGO Tools Made?

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EGO is a subsidiary of Chervon Tools, a Chinese-based manufacturing firm, headquartered in Nanjing, China. As such, the bulk of Chervon’s manufacturing takes place in China, while a certain amount of the company’s production is outsourced to Germany.

Nonetheless, EGO refers to itself as a “global brand”, with a significant American presence. The brand’s main marketing and administrative offices are located in the state of Michigan, though no manufacturing actually takes place within the United States.

Where Are Kobalt Tools Made?

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Almost all of Kobalt’s battery-operated power tools are made by Chervon Tools in China.

Today, the company that produces Kobalt hand tools is J.S Products Inc., which is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Despite its American roots, the majority of J.S Products’ actual manufacturing operations are based in China and Taiwan.

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Product Line

EGO and Kobalt both offer a comprehensive lineup of power tools, designed to simplify most of our everyday chores. In fact, many of their offerings are commonplace products found in consumer’s garages.

What follows is a summary of EGO and Kobalt’s product catalogs.


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Since the company’s inception, EGO’s product lineup has always been geared specifically toward outdoor power equipment. This is a trend that continues today and serves as a driving force in EGO’s continued efforts.

As such, few power tool companies offer as extensive a lawn care and maintenance-related product catalog as EGO.

EGO’s entire product lineup is based on the idea of limitless battery interchangeability. Simply put, all EGO lithium-ion batteries can be utilized to power any EGO-branded piece of power equipment.

This proves valuable to the bulk of consumers, who prefer to avoid lugging along numerous battery packs when attempting to achieve a handful of basic chores.

EGO’s product catalog most notably includes hedge trimmers, string trimmers, pole saws, leaf blowers, and chainsaws. However, many consumers are surprised to find out that EGO also offers a select line of battery-powered mowers. This includes both smaller push mowers, as well as larger commercial-grade riding mowers.

Additionally, EGO offers its own comprehensive lineup of portable charging stations, lights, and accessories. This ensures that consumers can source all of their yard chore-specific needs straight from EGO, without turning to competing brands for any perceivable reason.

From string trimmer twine to safety glasses, EGO has you covered.


EGO vs Kobalt (Which Tool Brand is Better?) (6)

The popularity of Kobalt’s line of DIY and mechanics tools has grown over the years, with many customers preferring them over lesser known brands. Their drivers and sockets’ versatility, as well as the variety of kits that include them, are all highly regarded.

Kobalt’s wrenches and screwdrivers are also consumer favorites. However, Lowe’s has begun to lessen its supply of handheld tools in favor of battery-operated lawn and garden equipment with the Kobalt name on them.

Kobalt offers a popular lineup of 24V brushless power tools. These devices have long been a core part of the company’s line, and they remain some of the most popular items. While quality drills and impact drivers were once the centerpiece of Kobalt’s 24V line, it now includes more variety such as jigsaws, circular saws, and reciprocating saws.

Although Kobalt is known for its hand tools and power tools, it has also established a reputation for itself with its garage and workbench storage. Not only does Kobalt produce a variety of good tool chests and cabinets, it also offers storage solutions for your garage.


EGO and Kobalt have both served as innovators within the tool industry, in their own right, making advancements and improvements to their lines for the convenience of all consumers.

The following are several of EGO and Kobalt’s most notable technological advances.


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Arc Lithium Technology

EGO has always maintained that they offer the hardest working of all portable battery packs on the market. The company employs the use of their Arc Lithium Technology, to achieve industry-leading performance out of a compact 56V battery pack.

From hedge trimmers to mowers, EGO’s Arc Lithium battery packs keep you going for the long haul.

All-Electric Zero-Turn

New for 2022, EGO has pioneered a revolutionary all-electric zero-turn lawn mower. This mower operates off of the company’s famed Arc Lithium battery technology, providing substantial power, and unbelievably lengthy run times.

In fact, when equipped with a total of six-battery packs, EGO’s zero-turn mower is capable of mowing up to 4-acres on a single charge.

Commercial-Series Power

Even commercial lawn care specialists can now find favor in EGO’s numerous products. Recently, EGO unveiled their own line of commercial-grade outdoor power tools, intended for use by the hardest working of all industry professionals.

Products within this series include chainsaws, pole saws, and string trimmers, all of which are designed with durability in mind.


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24V Brushless Motors

One of Kobalt’s newest achievements is the creation of its FLEX 24V brushless technology. Tools with this design are now able to charge 50 percent faster while also producing 20 percent more power so you’ll be more productive with less down time.

Best-in-Class Torque

Some of Kobalt’s power tools have earned the reputation for their brutish torque when called upon for the most demanding tasks. When looking at the brand’s 1/4″ impact driver, which produces up to 1,800 in-lbs of torque, it becomes obvious that this is the case. Impact wrenches from Kobalt can tackle jobs that other brands would struggle with.

Variable Speed

Variable-speed triggers are found on the majority of Kobalt power tools, which provide considerably greater control than a traditional trigger. The trigger on the tool allows the user to regulate the motor based on how much pressure is applied to it. As a result, working on delicate tasks becomes more feasible.

Warranty and Service

A manufacturer’s adherence to strong customer service is of unparalleled value when attempting to determine how best to spend one’s hard earned money. For this reason, we felt it necessary to compare the warranty policies offered by EGO and Kobalt.

The following is a synopsis of EGO and Kobalt’s current warranty policies.


EGO vs Kobalt (Which Tool Brand is Better?) (9)

EGO offers a class-leading warranty, backing each of their individual power tools with a 5-year limited warranty policy. This warranty protects against any material or workmanship-related defects, for the duration of the policy, providing consumers with additional peace of mind. Any such claims can be initiated directly through EGO.

Additionally, EGO backs each of its battery packs with an unparalleled 3-year warranty policy. This warranty protects consumers from untimely battery failure, and the general inconveniences that accompany such a situation.

Consumers should also be aware that EGO has established a specialized customer service hotline, which further seeks to negate any potential issues with the company’s products. This line features extended weekly business hours, along with weekend hours as well.


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The majority of Kobalt’s power tools are covered by a one-year “Risk Free” promise. If you are dissatisfied with a item, you may return it within one year and get another or a full refund under this policy.

The 5-year limited warranty on the majority of Kobalt’s handheld power tools is testament to the company’s customer service. As expected, this warranty only applies to faulty materials or workmanship. Damage caused by misuse, regular wear and tear, or attempted repair by unauthorized personnel is not covered by this warranty.

Lowe’s offers a three-year warranty on Kobalt power tool batteries. If a batter pack happens to fail during the first three years of ownership, Lowe’s will replace it if you bring it in to any of its stores.

Listed below are additional warranties for specific products:

  • Mechanics tools: Lifetime hassle-free warranty
  • Hand tools: Lifetime hassle-free warranty
  • Outdoor equipment: 5-year warranty
  • Garage and tool storage/organization: 3 to 5-year warranty

EGO vs Kobalt: And The Winner Is…

EGO vs Kobalt (Which Tool Brand is Better?) (11)

EGO and Kobalt both showcase a wealth of innovation, and have been quick to make up for lost time, when accounting for their relatively short-lived histories. However, in all fairness and transparency, we must pick only a single winner in our side-by-side brand comparison, even if somewhat difficult to do.

When comparing apples-to-apples, we feel that EGO is deserving of our best of the best title. We arrived at this conclusion by considering each brand’s product lines.

Although Kobalt has pushed many of their drill and impact-drivers in the past, the company has begun to shift more heavily toward the production of lawn/garden power tools. This is a particular market sector in which EGO thrives, dominating all competition.

We also placed significant consideration into the size of each brand’s product catalogs. EGO product catalog continues to expand on an almost yearly basis, recently growing to include an all-new battery-operated zero-turn mower.

Meanwhile, Kobalt’s product catalog has grown somewhat stagnant, showing little noticeable change from one year until the next.

EGO vs Kobalt (Which Tool Brand is Better?) (2024)


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