Best Eric Kofi-Abrefa Performances, Ranked (2024)

Eric Kofi-Abrefa is a fast-rising British actor who continues to earn bigger and better roles in film and television. After playing several background characters and nondescript supporting players to begin his career, Kofi-Abrefa now stars in the acclaimed Starz crime drama, BMF (Black Mafia Family), in which he gives a commanding turn as Lamar Silas, a character torn between his family loyalties and a life of crime.

As fans await the Season 4 premiere of BFM in March 2024, there's plenty of time to reflect on Kofi-Abrefa's career to date and spotlight the actor's most outstanding performances. While his best roles often entail a recurring TV character, Kofi-Abrefa's small cinematic sample size also proves his versatile talents. With Kofi-Abrefa set to star in the upcoming drama The Book of Clarence, it's time to give the impressive actor his due.

8 Helicopter Mercinary in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

Best Eric Kofi-Abrefa Performances, Ranked (1)

In what is easily his most popular movie to date, Kofi-Abrefa appeared in the brief role of a Helicopter Mercenary in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The story follows Owen and Claire racing against an erupting volcano to rescue the dinosaurs from sudden doom. Hired by Eli Mills, the mercenaries are tasked with stealing a piece of the Indominus Rex's skeleton.

Why His Performance in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Is Great

Although it's essentially a small supporting part shared with two other unnamed mercenaries, Kofi-Abrefa gives a frightfully aggressive performance that shows he means business. Moreover, in his brief appearance, Kofi-Abrefa proves he can hold his own and be comfortable in a massive franchise Hollywood blockbuster. His big moment comes when he voices concern and dissent over leaving Jack to die a gory death at the murderous maw of the newly featured Jurassic Park dinosaur, Mosasaurus.

7 Wesley Ndoyo in Informer (2018)

Best Eric Kofi-Abrefa Performances, Ranked (2)

Informer is a Prime original miniseries that follows Raza, a man from East London who is forced to go undercover and become a criminal informant by Gabe Waters, a counter-terrorist agent. Kofi-Abrefa plays a man named Wesley Ndoyo, an innocent victim who is shot and killed in the pilot episode yet has snippets of his life shown in flashbacks. As an inciting character to the show's opener, Kofi-Abrefa does a solid job in his brief appearances, setting the atmosphere and tone for the rest of the series.

Why His Performance in Informer Is Great

The show kicks off with Emily Raines leaving her cell phone on a subway. Wesley picks it up and immediately viewers think he's up to no good. It's a testament to Kofi-Abrefa's talents that he quickly changes gears and Wesley turns out to be an upstanding gentleman who tracks Emily down and returns her phone. When she invites him to buy her a cup of coffee, he agrees but is abruptly shot to death. The incident is chronicled in court, with Kofi-Abrefa's performance ringing true as a sympathetic figure that assists Emily's character arc.

6 Noah Webster in Harlots (2018)

Best Eric Kofi-Abrefa Performances, Ranked (3)

Kofi-Abrefa appears in every episode of Harlots' second season, giving the actor another opportunity to sink his teeth in a recurring role and showcase his performative range. Set in 18th-century London, the period drama centers on a brothel run by Margaret Wells (Samantha Morton), a smart, strategic, and enterprising Madame looking to forge a better future for her daughters.

Why His Performance in Harlots Is Great

In Season 2, Kofi-Abrefa shows up as Noah Webster, a man who is used as a pawn by Charlotte to save a female virgin girl from being forced into sex work by Quigley, another Madame. Noah goes undercover as a wealthy entrepreneur and tries to purchase the virgin with plans of freeing her. Alas, Quigley sniffs out the ruse and throws Noah out. Kofi-Abrefa doesn't just hold his own as Webster opposite the powerhouse female performers on the acclaimed TV period drama, but going undercover gives the actor the opportunity to shine in a role within a role that couldn't be more convincing.

5 Haisal Wari in Halo: Nightfall (2014)

Best Eric Kofi-Abrefa Performances, Ranked (4)

Based on the popular video game series, Halo: Nightfall is a web series that lasted for five episodes in 2014. Set on the distant planet of Sedra in 2554, the plot centers on a deadly biological weapon investigated by Naval Officer Jameson Locke (Mike Colter). Kofi-Abrefa plays Haisal Wari, an Alerian colonist who begins a daring smuggling campaign to settle his outstanding debt.

Why His Performance in Halo: Nightfall Is Great

As a man forced into a life of poverty due to drought, Kofi-Abrefa credibly conveys Haisal with humility, desperation, and dogged determination to pay back what he owes while also helping his people flourish. It's also quite a demanding physical performance, be it smuggling horses, riding on horseback, or mining Alpha Shard resources from the land. However, Kofi-Abrefa's big moment comes when Haisal voices displeasure with his captor's treatment, which leads to a tragic retaliation for his gallant betrayal.


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4 Switcher in Blue Story (2019)

Best Eric Kofi-Abrefa Performances, Ranked (6)

Written and directed by Rapman, Blue Story is a British musical crime drama that chronicles the intense rivalry between street gangs The Peckham Boys and The Ghetto Boys. Much of the conflict deals with Timmy and Marco, two childhood friends who become members of the rival gangs. Kofi-Abrefa shines as Marco's older brother Switcher, the leader of the Peckham Boys.

Why His Performance in Blue Story Is Great

Both tender and terrifying at once, Kofi-Abrefa is heartfelt and convincing as a caring brother and mentor figure to Marco, even when Switcher is reluctant to let him join the Peckham Boys. On the other hand, Switcher is ruthlessly violent and wildly unpredictable. Yet the most credible part of Kofe-Abrefa's performance comes when Switcher is stabbed by Timmy and forced to rethink his life after becoming disabled by the wound. The heartbreaking consequences lead to unforeseen tragedy in the stellar British gangster movie, with Kofi-Abrefa imbuing Switcher with a profound sense of sympathy by the time the credits roll.

3 Jean in National Theatre Live: Julie (2018)

Best Eric Kofi-Abrefa Performances, Ranked (7)

Chances are, not many people have seen the movie adaptation of National Theater Live: Julie, which is a missed opportunity to see the actor really shine. Kofi-Abrefa gives a stunning physical song-and-dance performance in his only starring feature film role to date. The intimate two-hander stars Vanessa Kirby as Julie, a single woman who throws an epic party and becomes romantically entangled with Jean (Kofi-Abrefa), a dashing yet dangerous bachelor.

Why His Performance in Julie Is Great

Adapted from the 1888 stage playMiss Julie by August Strindberg, both central performances are deliberately naturalistic, making Jean and Julie extremely real and relatable. While the story is given a modern update to underscore themes of sexual predation, the breathtaking physicality of Kofi-Abrefa's magnetic turn proves he knows how to use his entire body as an instrument of expression rather than emoting only with his eyes and dialogue. Jean is sexy and scary all at once, which leads to a towering presence onscreen.


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2 Mark Bailey in The One (2021)

Best Eric Kofi-Abrefa Performances, Ranked (9)

Netflix's The One is an underrated Sci-Fi TV series that was canceled after just one season. The premise follows Rebecca Webb (Hannah Ware), a DNA specialist who uses her research to create a state-of-the-art dating app that promises to match singles with their perfect partner. In a much different performance than viewers are used to seeing, Kofi-Abrefa plays Mark Bailey, a journalist and the kind, caring, and easygoing husband of a woman named Hannah who uses the dating app.

Why His Performance in The One Is Great

Despite beginning his arc as a laid-back journalist trying to be happy with his wife, Kofi-Abrefa evolves the character through unpredictable storylines that give him more tension and suspense. Whether throwing Hannah's ill-advised birthday party, responding to the truth about Megan, grappling with his own internal desires, or ultimately making a pivotal betrayal in the penultimate episode, Kofi-Abrefa impressively builds a three-dimensional character over time.

1 Lamar Silas in BMF (2021-2023)

Best Eric Kofi-Abrefa Performances, Ranked (10)

Without question, the best performance Kofi-Abrefa has given thus far is his searing portrayal of Lamar Silas in BMF (Black Mafia Family). Lamar is the main rival of the series protagonist, Big Meech, a drug dealer in Detroit who rises to the top of the criminal underworld to become the city's wealthiest kingpin. Lamar is a ruthless serial killer with no morals, conducting his business with a smile and a dark sense of humor that is sure to instill fear in those who cross his path.

Why His Performance in BMF Is Great

With 17 hours spent developing Lamar as a fully-rounded character with flaws and virtues alike, the juicy role gives Kofi-Abrefa the opportunity to show his full acting range. Whether abducting Zoe, going on the run from the law, taking over the 12th Street drug business, or retaliating against Meech and his family, Kofi-Abrefa absolutely shines in what is sure to become a career-defining performance in his career. If anyone deserves a bigger spotlight when the third season of BMF returns, it's Lamar.

Best Eric Kofi-Abrefa Performances, Ranked (2024)


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